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Hi, I am Barbara Pease. Muskrat Studio is my haven for creativity. It is here I write poetry, paint, draw, sculpt and prepare photographs for publication. From time to time I sell off parts of my collections on eBay as muskratdeals. I am currently engaged in several projects involving the visual arts and poetry. I publish some of my poetry on Twitter as muskratchatter and on my blog, also as muskratchatter. In the near future I will feature artwork here and chapbooks of my poetry as well. This website tells my story as a creative person, shows samples of my work and offers work for sale. To see what I am selling just click on the gallery tab above without following the drop down menu or just click here. For my gallery portfolio check out that drop down menu under the gallery tab.

In My Art Studio

I create wonderful artwork - wall sculpture, sketches, mixed media, and acrylic paintings. I have several projects in progress. I am also a photographer. I do have photographs for sale. Please feel free to browse the gallery page on this site.

As muskratdeals on eBay

I collect antique photography, scientific instruments, lanterns, paper and modern glass art. From time to time I trade parts of my collections. If you would like to see what is up for auction, just click on the eBay button right below this paragraph. It magically appears below when auctions are running. Reload this page each time you come, so you won't miss that button.

I love writing haiku poetry, an ancient Japanese form. I have a few examples at the bottom of this page. I also write micropoetry, short poems, and essays. If you are interested follow me on Twitter @muskratchatter and on my blog at

Portfolio Samples


Explore this site and come back to visit us again. Material is updated regularly.     - Barbara Pease

When you see the eBay button under muskratdeals above, I am having an auction. Just click on the eBay button if you are interested. If you have any questions click on the blue button to the right

Zen and the Artist

I now have time to work full time as an artist, a photographer and a poet. That makes me very happy. When I was working and supporting a family, I told people "I have some fun hobbies ". I secretly longed to work full time as a visual artist and a poet, but I didn't want to impoverish my family during the time it would take to establish myself. As a retired senior scientist, I can now devote much more time to what grew over the years into an avocation, where I kept sketching and shooting pictures in my free time. I did write some poetry, too, but no where near what I am writing and reading now as I develop the direction of my poetic voice and form.

In the visual arts I experiment with small projects to get a feel for new directions in my work. Where is my artistic "voice" today? I do plan my designs. I research materials, study books and even price what I will use. Are my concepts unique? Are they within budget? Am I offering something new? I like to understand the medium I plan to use before I begin. Once prepared, I let my work unfold in the moment as some great Zen experiment in mindfulness. It is a joy to watch the process. Later I find hidden elements I had no idea were there. I find mystery in creativity.


Going Home

We deserve happiness. We deserve love. It is our heritage. We will find love and joy in our own hearts, in going home to God. God will lead us there. Let us laugh, love, live and learn. In our lively dance may we walk with God entirely present in each moment. Let us do what we love doing and be content knowing all will be restored.

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Popular Poems

Here are three of my poems people on my Twitter feed really enjoyed..

a wind's soft rushing /
a gentle rain touches me /
silence descending

a thin reed captures /
in its solitary grace /
winter sun's bleak stare

a wind sweeps through stones /
striding through fallen branches /
my own wild cry soars


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